Dr. Amson Mallick is a social activist, philanthropist, visionary and have a big heart for the poor and oppressed people. He became the founder of “Ministry of Good Samaritan” in 2001. He has over 25 years of rich experience with different volunteer organizations in the country and abroad. He has a well exposure in national and international levels in community development and social work through various leadership training programs and quite active in participating such programs and conferences.

His early life delineates very simple, humble and a dedicated person towards his work. His path in every step was full of hurdles. With much difficulty he was able to complete his graduation from Berhampur University. He was born in a very poor tribal family in the village of Tumangpadar in Gajapati District state of Odisha, India. The village is situated on the top of a mountain. In that village, there was no road, electricity, pipe water, health facilities and school for education.

Since, he experienced poverty during his childhood, he lived with it, he fought it and was able to overcome from that deepening situation of poverty. He has a bitter experience in his life in terms of poverty which made him highly motivated to do something for the villagers. So, he was well determined to start a volunteer organization to address the issues and advocate for needy communities without any discrimination of caste, religion, language or color. His main motto is to help the people to help themselves and eradicate poverty from the communities. His intention and work renders to build a world in such a way that there will be enough food to eat for everyone, clean water to drink, good clothes to wear, shelter to sleep, education for children, and the community to live a healthy and peaceful life. He efforts that all human beings are treated equally, men or women, child or youth, old or middle age. All human should live fairly, freely and in dignity.

Ministry of Good Samaritan is presently managed by seven Board members, sharing the same vision of promoting social, environment, economic, health & education irrespective of caste, creed, color and gender for the wellbeing of the human society.

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