The govt. of India and Odisha has many schemes and facilities for the rural and tribal population of our district to uplift these underprivileged populations from poverty.

But during our study in these communities we found that, people are mostly unaware or have lesser knowledge about all these schemes and facilities provided by the government. MGS have taken initiative for consciousness raising and capacity building of the community in all our field locations. MGS is following the Participatory human development process by which we are conducting meetings, encouraging people to practice role-play before mobilization to offices, guiding people to conduct mobilization to different  agencies and offices.  Through the facilitation of MGS, people from the 9 FPLs accessed different resources from government and non government agencies.

CBO (Community Based Organisations)

We build village level capabilities, structures and processes to enable stronger self-governance by the communities. The design of these structures and the principles of the processes ensure that all people are participating and elect their capable leaders to lead.

The Community based organizations take the leadership to influence local government decisions and stake claims to their rightful share in the resources deployed locally. They conduct meetings together and collectively take decision for any action to resolve their issues. MGS provides leadership trainings to develop their capability, skills and knowledge. Through the trainings people and leaders improved their consciousness level on their issues, resource agencies and how to resolve their community issues. Now there are 9 community based organizations in 9 FPLs.

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