Access to Clean Water: A Basic Human Right

At MGS, we believe that access to clean water is not a privilege; it is a basic human right. Yet, millions of people in India face the daily struggle of finding safe water sources for themselves and their families. Lack of clean water leads to devastating consequences, affecting health, and economic opportunities.

Our Goal

MGS is dedicated to making clean water accessible to every community in need. We work tirelessly to provide sustainable water solutions, ensuring that no one is left behind due to the lack of this life-giving resource.

The Impact of Clean Water

Clean water changes everything. When communities gain access to safe drinking water, the benefits are far-reaching:

  • Improved Health: Waterborne diseases are reduced, leading to healthier lives and a decrease in child mortality rates.
  • Empowerment: Women and girls, who often bear the burden of water collection, can participate in income-generating activities and pursue their dreams.
  • Agricultural Growth: Access to water enables farmers to grow crops and livestock, ensuring food security and economic stability.

Our Accomplishments

Thanks to the unwavering support of donors like you, MGS has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • Tube Wells Drilled: 10 Tube wells drilled, providing clean water to 10 communities.
  • Solar Water Systems: Accessed 6 solar water systems, benefiting 5 communities.
  • Pipe Water Systems: Accessed in 4 villages, providing safer and clean water.

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