Graduation Ceremony Khilapadar 25Nov

Graduation Ceremony Khilapadar

After 7 years, the community of Khilapadar has successfully graduated in terms of completion of all PHDP levels/stages. The three objectives of PHDP are achieved in the Khilapadar village. Now the community people have raised their consciousness level, the leaders are capable of resolving community issues by themselves, they are organized and they have a Community Based Group to work for the development of the village.

With the facilitation of MGS staff (HDF) the community people mobilized to the different resource agencies and did  many follow ups to resolve their community issues. Through the Participatory Process they accessed guard wall project, potable water, widow and elder pension cards, concrete road, solar lights, meeting hall, irrigation, handicap’s pension, house lot title, housing funds, cataract surgery for the old people, goat project, waiting room on the road side, cremation house, covid food assistance and etc.Through this process total 28 households and  111 people are benefitting.

The people of the Khilapadar village are very happy and they organized a graduation ceremony. During the meeting the participants shared their reflections, shared their experiences following the PHDP process  and expressed their gratitude to MGS and Outreach International for their support. During the ceremony the president  of MGS handed over a plant to the leaders as a symbolization of a PHD process to follow and work for the development of the community.